General Dentistry Dentist Grand Rapids, MIOur Grand Rapids dentists offer a range of dental services to help you maintain a beautiful healthy smile. Whether you need to schedule your child’s first dentist appointment or learn how aging affects oral health, you can count on our expertise. We treat patients of all ages.

General dentistry focuses on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of oral health issues. It’s important that you see our dentist every six months so we can monitor the health of your teeth, gums, and jaws. Even if you don’t have any concerns, we’ll be able to prevent issues from cropping up in the first place. The sooner we can detect tooth decay and gum disease, the less likely you’ll need intensive dental procedures.

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Teeth Cleanings

The best way to maintain a healthy smile is to schedule dental cleanings every six months. While brushing and flossing your teeth at home is good for your oral health, you’ll need the help of one of our Grand Rapids dentists to remove hardened plaque (tartar). If left untreated…
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Emergency Dental Service

Don’t ignore tooth pain. If you need emergency dental care, call our office as soon as possible. The sooner we treat you, the more likely we’ll be able to save your tooth. Our Grand Rapids emergency dentists act quickly to give you the best chance of regaining oral health after injury…
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Oral Examinations

Brushing and flossing your teeth at home isn’t enough to maintain good oral health. We also recommend you schedule dental exams every six months so our Grand Rapids dentists can check for tooth decay, gum disease, and other oral health issues. We understand you have a busy schedule…
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Night Guards

Many patients are unaware they grind their teeth at night until it’s brought up by their dentist during a routine oral examination. Sometimes teeth grinding can be so loud that it wakes up your partner. If you suspect you’re grinding or clenching teeth at night, call our office…
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Laughing Gas

Laughing gas helps you feel calm during dental procedures. If you have dental anxiety, ask our dentists about conscious sedation with laughing gas. Dental laughing gas is safe for people of all ages and wears off quickly. Unlike other types of sedation dentistry…
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Dental Sealants

Tooth decay is the most common chronic childhood disease in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. To protect your child’s smile, our Grand Rapids dentists may recommend dental sealants. Like the name suggests, dental sealants cover the crevices…
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Sometimes, a toothache can be caused or aggravated by a piece of debris lodged between the tooth and another tooth. Avoid placing an aspirin between your tooth and gum to relieve pain, because the dissolving aspirin can actually harm your gum tissue.

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