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We are excited to announce the release of our BRAND NEW Teledentistry platform!


Teledentistry is an innovative way to access convenient dental care when you need it most, using your computer, tablet, or phone. Similar to telemedicine, it’s like a dental visit, but online!

I Need A Dentist - Virtual Dental Visits

Who Is Teledentistry For?

Hopefully you! Ask yourself these questions…

Are you too busy to visit the dentist? | Are you experiencing a dental emergency? | Are you on vacation & in need of a dentist? | Do you dislike waiting rooms? | Thinking about visiting the ER for swelling, broken teeth, or soft tissue lesions?

Obviously, a teeth cleaning or root canal are not able to be done virtually, but many types of appointments can be done with an e-visit.

Emergency Dentists in Grand Rapids, MI


Not sure if you need to come in? Call right from home! Our doctors even offer weekend & after-hours appointments.

Dentists in Grand Rapids, MI


Unsure about a dental diagnosis or treatment plan? Get a second opinion from your couch!

Consultations Dentists Grand Rapids, MI


Interested in a specific procedure or about becoming a new patient? Learn more before having to come into the office.

Grand Rapids, MI Telepresence Dentists


Have questions regarding a recent visit and want to talk to your dentist about it? Our platform makes a follow-up conversation much more convenient!

Invisalign Dentists in Grand Rapids, MI


During Invisalign treatment patients come in periodically to check teeth movement. This can now easily be done with an e-visit


Dentists in Grand Rapids

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I Need A Dentist works on any device! We recommend using a device with a camera so you can do a video chat, however if you do not you can still use the chat feature.

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One of our doctors will be able to see you, take a look at whatever issue you’re experiencing, and assist you with a dental emergency, concern, or consultation.

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Grand Rapids, MI Evisit Dentists

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a candidate for an e-visit?

We hope so! Obviously, a teeth cleaning or root canal are not able to be done virtually, but many types of appointments can be done with an e-visit.

How do I know if an e-visit is right for me?

  • You are not sure if you actually have to visit a dentist for your question/concern.
  • You are too busy to visit a dentist.
  • You want to talk to the doctor, but don’t have time to schedule an appointment.
  • You have an after-hours emergency.

What types of services can I get?

  • Second opinions
  • Follow up after recent procedures (crowns, fillings, extractions, etc.)
  • Invisalign periodic visits
  • Consultations regarding recommended treatment
  • New patient consultations
  • Swelling
  • Broken teeth
  • Soft tissue lesions.

How much does it cost?

The cost for an e-visit is only $49.

Why do I need to put my credit card information in?

We need this information in order to secure your e-visit. While some e-visits may not have a charge, many will. When the charge appears on your card, it will show as “Online Payments By Stripe”

Does my dental insurance cover this?

Unfortunately we are unable to bill your dental insurance for any e-visits. You are welcome to print out your receipt and submit it to your carrier yourself.

How does it work?

It’s easy: create an account, fill out the medical history form, enter in your payment information, and either enter the waiting room or schedule your e-visit for a future time.

Do I need to download anything?

You can do an e-visit from your computer, tablet, or other mobile device. We highly recommend downloading our app (click here), however you can also use the web portal.

What dentist will I be speaking with?

If you are an existing patient, we recommend choosing your dentist for seamless care. If your dentist is unavailable or you are a new patient, you can either schedule an appointment with the doctor of your choosing or get in the waiting room and the first available doctor will be happy to see you!

What technology do I need?

We highly recommend using a device with a camera so we can do a video chat, however any device with internet access will work. If you have a photo of your concern, you are able to upload it before starting your e-visit.

How long does it take to get into the waiting room?

If there is a doctor available now, as soon as your account is set up you can enter in the waiting room!

Can I schedule an appointment?

Yes! Simply choose from the available time slots and select the time that best fits your schedule.

Why do I need to create an account?

In order to properly manage your digital chart, we do need all of the pertinent information filled out.

Why do I need to fill out a medical history form?

It is critical that we have all of your medical information so we can properly treat you. Certain medications and health issues impact your oral health, so it is important we have the whole story. In addition, if we do need to send in a prescription, we must know your allergies.

Is this HIPAA compliant?

Yes of course! All of your data is stored on our secure servers and transmitted to the office via a secure link.

I Need A Dentist - Virtual Dental Visits