Carestream 12600 Camera Grand Rapids, MIOur Grand Rapids dentists use the Carestream 1600 camera because they understand its value toward patient care. This intraoral camera looks much like an oversized pen, but is used to take detailed pictures inside your mouth. While our dentists are able to examine your mouth with a hand mirror, the Carestream 1600 camera lets us display pictures on a screen so you can also see what’s happening inside your mouth.

Carestream Camera Benefits

Understand Oral Health Issues

It’s one thing for us to say you have a cracked tooth. It’s quite another for us to be able to show you a highly detailed picture of the tooth that needs to be fixed. The intraoral camera makes it easier for our dentists to communicate what treatments are needed to protect your oral health.

Streamline Treatment

It’s not uncommon for your insurance provider to want visual proof before they’re willing to cover dental care. In this scenario, we’ll be able to provide high-quality images to your insurance provider, which helps streamline treatment.

Our dentists use the latest dental instruments so patients receive the best care. We are always more than happy to answer any questions you might have about our dental technology, including the intraoral scanner.

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