endodontic instructions grand rapids mi dentist

Oral Hygiene Instructions:

You may brush and floss the treated tooth as normal, however, please be aware that we have placed a temporary dental filling in the tooth to keep debris and bacteria from contaminating the root canal. This temporary filling may wear or fall out over time.

Therefore, you should make your permanent restorative appointment for 2-3 weeks after your root canal procedure which will help protect the tooth from bacteria and fractures.


You may eat and chew on the treated tooth after the numbness has worn off. Please avoid gummy, sticky or hard foods (example: nuts, ice, croutons, gummy bears, etc.) until you come back for your permanent restoration or dental crown. This will help ensure the temporary filling will stay in place.

What to Expect After Treatment:

It is common to have tenderness and some sensitivity for the first 48 hours after the treatment. Taking ibuprofen may help fight inflammation at the bottom of the root of the tooth. The recommended dose is 600mg of ibuprofen every 6 hours as needed.

Swelling is also a common side effect after a root canal. If you have swelling, please use a cold compress to help bring down the swelling and then contact our office. It is very important to complete the full regimen of any antibiotics prescribed for you.

Antibiotics are prescribed so that your body can fight the bacteria from the infection that initially caused the root canal. If you are already on antibiotics and swelling is still present, a new antibiotic may be necessary.

Once a tooth has received root canal treatment, it becomes brittle and weak. For this reason, the tooth will require a crown for its protection. Without this protection there is a significant chance the tooth will fracture and break requiring its extraction.

If the tooth already has a crown, it is necessary to go through the crown to perform the root canal. In rare circumstances the crown may be compromised and will require a new crown. Please understand that should this happen, you are solely responsible for paying for the new crown and release the doctor of any liability for the old crown.

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