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Congratulations on your new smile! Your teeth are now in a position that both you and our Grand Rapids Invisalign® dentists are happy with. Now the goal is to keep them in this position for the rest of your life.

Your teeth will relapse to the former position 100% of the time if Invisalign retainers are not worn to maintain the position they are in now. This protocol is designed to help prevent relapse and if followed, will allow you to keep your new smile indefinitely!

The retainer box provided to you comes with 4 retainers. This amount is due to the initial year of retention requiring you to wear your orthodontic retainers longer to help stabilize the teeth. Also, it helps give you a backup if retainers are lost or damaged and new retainers can be ordered without lapse in retention. If you run out of retainers at any time, please call our Grand Rapids dental office so we can order you more to prevent any long lapses without retention.

The first sets of clear retainers are to be worn 12-18 hours a day for the first 6 months. As you have probably noticed, your teeth have been loose during your treatment. These first 6 months the retainers will help stabilize the teeth to allow them to tighten back up.

The second set of retainers should be worn 8-12 hours a day for months 6-12, to continue stabilization of the teeth and provide some memory of the new position for the teeth.

The third, fourth and subsequent retainers should be worn at night while sleeping. This is again to hold the teeth in the final position we placed them in. Do not go more than a few nights without wearing them or you may require Invisalign treatment again to get them back into proper position.

Retainer Protocol:

  • First 6 months: 12-18 hours per day.
  • Second 6 months: 8-12 hours per day.
  • After a year: 6-8 hours per day or every night while sleeping.

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