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When Should You Have a Dental Crown Replaced?

Smiling Woman with Curly Hair Crossing Arms and Smiling

Smiling Woman with Curly Hair Crossing Arms and Smiling

Most dental restorations are designed to last for a significant period of time, although not forever. Unfortunately, even with proper care, everyday life can still catch up with restorative solutions like dentures, dental bridges, and yes, crowns.

But when is the right time to replace a crown? Our Grand Rapids dentists will first need to perform an oral examination to see exactly what the issue is before determining next steps. If there is obvious damage and or you are experiencing pain where your original crown was placed, please don’t hesitate to contact our office.

Here’s what you need to know about the longevity of dental crowns and when you should have them replaced.

How Long Do Crowns Last?

No one wants to undergo a restorative procedure only to have what’s placed quickly deteriorate soon after. Fortunately, dental crowns can last for up to 15 years, or sometimes longer, if proper oral hygiene is practiced. Brushing at least twice a day and flossing daily will keep plaque from building up and causing damage to your crown(s).

The lifespan of a crown is also dependent on an individual’s diet and whether there is excessive grinding or clenching of teeth. When you consume hard or acidic foods and beverages, you risk either breaking or corroding the crown. Avoid early replacement by watching what you eat and sip on throughout the day.

Much like the types of foods eaten, if you have a history of bruxism, it will affect how long your crown lasts. Regular grinding or clenching at night will lead to the crown becoming worn faster than it would if the habit didn’t exist. Our dentists can provide you with a custom made night guard so you and your teeth don’t suffer from the effects of bruxism.

Signs of Wear to Look Out For

Unless you recently experienced obvious dental trauma or injury, it can be difficult to tell when your crown is on the way out. Some signs are more apparent than others, so it’s wise to keep an eye on how your crown looks and feels. If anything feels off, let our dentists know so the issue can be dealt with promptly.

You may need your crown replaced if your:

  • Gums are receding around the tooth that has a crown
  • Crown is over 10 years old or fell out
  • Bite seems uneven or abnormal
  • Crowned tooth or surrounding area is painful, swollen, or inflamed

Why It’s Important to Replace a “Bad” Crown

Dental crowns are meant to protect the vulnerable tooth they’re covering. If they can no longer fulfill that purpose, it’s time to have the crown swapped out. Leaving a damaged crown in place or one surrounded by infection can put you at risk for unwanted oral complications and more intensive dental work.

For example, if you develop a cavity underneath a crown, our dentists will need to remove the crown to fill it or the decay will spread deeper into the tooth. Moreover, neglecting the issue further can lead to root canal treatment being required. Having a crown replaced is much more straightforward, comparatively.

Whether your crown became cracked after munching on candy or you had it placed many years ago, don’t put off necessary treatment or you may face larger consequences down the road.

Call Our Restorative Dentists Today

Continuing to go through life with a broken, old, or infected crown is not recommended. Our family dentists in Grand Rapids, MI, would be more than happy to replace your affected crown and treat any underlying oral health issues you may have. Give Contemporary Family Dental a call at (616) 209-3969 today for an appointment or feel free to contact us online.